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Donor Relations

Obtaining and retaining major donors is vital to the long-term health of a donor-supported organization – but it’s never easy. Because donors usually support a variety of causes, motivating and inspiring them to place your organization at the top of their hierarchy is challenging.

The capstone of our donor relations services is a lively presentation event guaranteed to capture the imagination and hearts of all types of donors – from philanthropists and major donors to trustees and volunteers, and also school parents, staff, and prospects.

The History of Philanthropy in America: How our Generosity Makes Us Unique in the World runs about 40-60 minutes with presentation and Q&A. The presentation is personally delivered by Sally Alspaugh, a celebrated personality and thought leader from the charitable sector known for her unique ability to make audiences think, and think deeper.

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View an outline of the presentation:

History of Philanthropy in America: How our Generosity Makes Us Unique in the World

Major sections of the presentation are:

  1. How American society is like a 3-legged stool
  2. Voluntary philanthropy vs. involuntary taxes
  3. Personal and social dimensions of wealth
  4. Current trends in philanthropy

The topics are both informative and entertaining. Attendees gain a rich historical perspective on the history of American philanthropy. While the presentation touches on statistics and outcomes that will appeal to high impact donors, it will satisfy donors inclined toward more personal, evocable stories and examples.

Sally’s style and delivery of complex subjects in jargon-free everyday language is suitable for any donor, especially those seeking a deeper understanding of their own giving decisions and the motivations behind them.

Attendees often praise Sally’s warm, easy way of holding the attention of a room and conveying powerful ideas they remember. She’s avoids “death by PowerPoint” with creative imagery, digestible content, occasional humor, and an approachable personality.

She is practiced at simplifying the complexity of estate tax laws and the “alphabet acronyms” often used with charitable estate gifts. Donors leave the invitational-only event which typically takes about an hour, invigorated and motivated to play a larger role in their own philanthropy and a greater willingness to meet with your organization’s development office.