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Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy®

building family legacy

Like fingerprints, the wealth decisions you make and the legacy you create are yours alone.

Building Family Legacy

Sally has deep experience working with individuals, business owners, and families who want to clarify a future for their wealth. Today’s families live in a complicated world. Estates are more sizable and financial markets more volatile than any time in history. It’s not in dispute whether professional advice is needed, but who can effectively bring clarity and common sense to the table to help a family craft their legacy.

Because each family is exceptional, and each generation’s story reflects their own values and experiences, to successfully build a family legacy it requires a shared vision, consensus, and long-term planning. As James Hughes writes in Family Wealth, without a vision, a family’s future will atrophy to “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.”

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Family Legacy Workshop

Starting with the assumption that successful families want to stay together emotionally if not geographically, and want give back to the community that fostered their success, we offer the Family Legacy Workshop. The workshop serves as the “on ramp” for participants to strengthen family ties and make meaningful progress toward a lasting impact on their community for multiple generations.

Our process begins with memories that when shared become stories. Stories reveal family values that can lead to a vision, that in turn can become a legacy.

This interactive workshop can be for one family or unrelated individuals who simulate one family. A workshop is divided into two 4-hour sessions, typically on sequential Saturdays or can be delivered in one 6-7 hour day.

Session 1: “Legacy Past” – Sally’s methods encourage the bubbling up of memories that become the stories that illustrate the values and traditions of prior generations.

Session 2: “Legacy Future” – Starting with the values that were revealed at the end of the first session, a family can begin to envision a future for themselves and their wealth, and from that, plan to create their legacy.

Families who attend our workshops often have in common a family business, and perhaps the desire to move from “Success to Significance” by leaving a mark on their community. However, they need help with their philanthropic legacies to manifest their philanthropy as the public expression of their private values.

If this is of interest to you, to learn more… (513) 404-9787.